Wednesday, 15 February 2017 13:09

February 24, 2017 Meeting - Speaker, Ron Elliott (KDØSML) on Mobile APRS

The February meeting of SLSRC will feature a program by Ron Elliott KDØSML on mobile APRS.

The presentation will be an overview of APRS mostly through the lens of APRSIS software which runs on the Windows platform, or using Wine on Linux.  It is also available for the Android platform.

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Ron will highlight features he has found useful, and some that could benefit the local HAM community using examples from local public service events as well as some things he has observed while traveling.

Meetings are held at Missouri Baptist Hospital in the Clinical Learning Institute / Goldfarb School of Nursing in Rooms 419 & 420, and begin at 7:00PM.  

This will be another "don't miss" event.


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