The April presentation will be all about the Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi was introduced in February 2012 as a teaching tool to help teach computer science in schools and developing countries.  Since it's inception, there have been 4 major versions, the latest Pi 3 was released in February 2016.

The Pi is a fully functioning computer, complete with a processor, RAM, video, ethernet and I/O pins.  Not only did the education community grasp the Pi by storm, so did the hobbyist community with their pet projects and specialized applications.  Today, there are hundreds of uses for the Pi, everything from running as a Linux server to home automation and SDR applications.  

Kyle will give some information about the current Pi, demonstrate how to setup a Pi from scratch, and also have some guests show off what they have done with their Pi in the amateur radio community.  

Click on the read more to see the presentation give during the April 2016 meeting.  

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Last Fall (October 2015), Viktar had a chance to visit Hartford, CT, and tour two places of definite interest to radio amateurs both full of historic and educational "stuff", and equipped with ham radio stations open to visitor operation.  One site is very well known to everyone, the ARRL Headquarters and W1AW.  The other is the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut and its station W1VCM, run and maintained by a local group of enthusiasts.  Viktar will share some of his pictures and highlights of both attractions, as well as some travel tips not to miss when planning a similar trip.

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Christopher R. Barber (WX5CW) will be presenting on the development and deployment of a 5GHz based network that will provide Point-to-Point (PTP) linking and mesh connectivity for the STL Ham community.  This ham-based network will be comprised of a PTP command and control link between all SLSRC repeaters, and a mesh network for high-speed data connectivity between hams located around and within the I-270 loop.  The full details of the equipment and infrastructure will be presented and discussed.  

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SLSRC was honored to welcome Emmett (H.J.) Hohensee IV, KDØDTS, General Production Manager at RadioWavz in Lake St. Louis to the November 20th General Meeting.  He gave an overview of the HEX BEAM antenna as well as other antennas designed and built by RadioWavz.  H.J. is the son of Emmett, WØQH and Rochelle Hohensee, KCØYWH.

Located in Lake St. Louis, MO, RadioWavz LLC offers a wide variety of products in the communications industry through major US distributors such as AES, HRO, GigaParts, Amateur Accessories, and internationally in Canada, Australia, and Japan.  In addition, many products are purchased by the US Government.

Go to YouTube to view many great videos related to Radiowavz's HEX BEAM antenna. 

 Link to Radiowavz on YouTube

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Christopher will be providing an overview of how a basic repeater system works.  Then providing the operational details of the SLSRC repeater systems and how the envisioned mesh architecture is implemented and how it will be used for monitoring and control of all of the club’s repeaters. 

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The highlight of SLSRC's General Meeting on Friday, August 28 was a presentation by Joe Fleagle WØFY on VHF Propagation.

Joe is a member of the club's Engineering Committee, an electrical engineer, and has been a HAM for 50+ years.
Click below to view the highlights of Joe's presentation.

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SLSRC is honored to have Steven Wooten, KC0QMU, Emergency Coordinator for the St. Louis ARES/RACES and HARN group giving an overview at the July SLSRC meeting on July 24 at 7 PM.  The meetings are always held on the 4th Friday of each month in the Goldfarb School of Nursing in the Clinical Learning Institute Building of Missouri Baptist Hospital (above the parking garage).
The topic is: Coordinating an Amateur Radio response for emergencies into the future of the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area.
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SLSRC is once again honored to have Rick Crockett WØPC as a presenter...this Friday, May 22 at Missouri Baptist Hospital. His topic will be "Remote Control Operations using modern radios."

Rick got hooked on shortwave listening as a child in Detroit using his grandfather's radio which led to building better radios and antennas.

He started by building a one tube radio for his 3rd grade science project and won 1st place. His family moved to the west coast where the High School's District Magnet School included an Electronics Program complete with a ham station in the Electronics Lab. Within a few months as a Novice, he made the trip to the San Francisco FCC office and moved up to an Advanced class then on to Extra class.

Rick has been paying back the hobby by teaching entry level through Extra ham license classes for around 40 years. Currently he is teaching the Amateur Extra class and the ARRL's Introduction to Emergency Communications Course (EC-001). Rick's greatest reward was being the recipient of the ARRL's Herb S. Brier National Instructor of the Year in 2001. 

His other ham radio interests are in digital modes, rag chew SSB nets, CW and RTTY contesting where WØPC/7 currently holds the Nevada and Pacific Division all time high score record.

 Rick and his wife Helen, ACØNF, are retired and enjoy traveling around the country attending most of the major hamfests. They have an HF mobile station for use while in motion and operate a remote base station from hotel rooms at the end of the day.

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