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224.520 Repeater Is Back Featured

After several months of being off the air, the Club's 224.520 repeater is back on the air.  This week Club members WØFY, Joe Fleagle and K4LSU, Craig Klimczak took care of getting things repaired on behalf of the Club.  


The Club's 220 repeater has been out of service for quite a while due to a broken antenna.  For over a year the repeater has operated off a mobile antenna magnetically connected to the building.  The mobile antenna was replaced back in May.  Unfortunately, the system continued to perform poorly so additional diagnostics were done.  

A broken connector was found on the Heliax transmission line near the lightening arrestor.  Joe, WØFY, ordered new connectors and got them in this week.  Of Friday, July 17, 2015, Joe and Craig met at the repeater site to install the new connector.  Preliminary testing shows that the system is now back on the air and performing much better.  All club members are encouraged to test out the clubs repeaters and systems and let the President know how they are performing.


DE K4LSU, Craig


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