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What Are We Going to Learn This Year in Amateur Radio?

I cannot answer that for you nearly as well as I can answer it for myself, and share that information with you.  This is what I know.  I know that of our membership last year we had 39% with an Extra Class License.  This, of course, means that 61% of our membership can work on and study for their upgrade to the next license.  This includes me.  I am currently a Technician working toward my General.  I represent 25% of the club in this respect.  According to last year's numbers there were 61 other amateur radio communicators just like me.  I would like to challenge those 61 people to start studying for their upgrade.  The Internet offers several options for your preference in study.  You can also go with the old school way of purchasing books from either the ARRL or Gordon West resources.

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I also want to encourage our membership to attend our monthly meetings.  The majority of these meetings are held with an educational program as part of the agenda.  We are very lucky to have several people in the region that are experts in differing aspects of amateur radio, and they have the ability to present their information in a way that keeps you from snoozing.  A special note of thanks to Cliff Rozar, KCØSDV, for organizing our club programs, and keeping those slots filled with specialists that can teach us aspects of radio that we were not aware of before.

Our next meeting will have Christopher Barber, WX5CW.  Christopher will be presenting information on our new Point-to-Point and mesh connectivity for the St. Louis area.  He will be letting us know the process for establishing this network and its capabilities for our club.  Come join us at the general membership meeting on Friday, February 26th.

One last final comment.  Please go take a look at the drawing on our Facebook page that a young lady drew after attending the Florida Hamcation.  Read the comments and consider how inspiring her education has been to achieve the goal of Extra Class Amateur License.


Bill Carroll

SLSRC President


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