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Missouri VOIP NET on Echolink

Have you ever checked in to the Missouri Voice Over Internet Protocol Net (Missouri VOIP Net) on Echolink?

  • This net is called each Monday evening at 8:00 p.m. local.
  • The net uses the Missouri ARES Districts for the check-ins.
  • These Districts correspond the the Missouri Highway Patrol Districts.
  • The Kansas City area is in District "A". St. Louis is District "C" etc...

The NET is looking for check-ins from counties in northern and southwestern Missouri, as well as the Ozarks region, as well as the metro areas.

Emergency Coordinators from all Missouri counties are encouraged utilize this net each week.

Check-ins are encouraged from ARES members from other states, in the counties that border Missouri.

Several repeaters are linked to the net as well.

Here is how to locate the Missouri VOIP Net on Echolink. From the ECHOLINK screen:

  • Open the "Nodes" Folder
  • From the drop down choices select  "Conferences"
  • From the large list of "Conferences" that is now visable use the slider and scroll the alphabetical list of conferences to "Missouri"  Missouri Voice Over IP Net (MO VoIP) (0/500)
  • Select the word Missouri.
  • Make this one of your favorite ECHOLINK locations.

Hope to hear you on Monday evening at 8:00 p.m. local on the Missouri VOIP Net.

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