Friday, 29 July 2016 00:43

DX Engineering Acquires Transworld Antennas

Below is an interesting article submitted by George Waddell (WØGRW) about DX Engineering's acquisition of Transwsorld Antennas.

DX Engineering has acquired Transworld Antennas from the original manufacturer and inventor, Dr. Michael Barrett (N4ECW).  The DX Engineering representative that I spoke to said they will be doing all the manufacturing, shipping, and any future product development. 

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I had listened to a Ted Randall QSO Radio Show earlier this year featuring Dr. Barrett.  During the show, Dr. Barrett revealed he had acquired the company back from Gary Archer (call unknown) who had originally acquired the company from him.  The acquisition by DX Engineering comes as a surprise since Dr. Barrett said that he was very interested in taking back control and improving the product. 

If you have not listened to this particular QSO Radio Show, I urge you to give it a listen as Dr. Barrett is a fascinating individual.  He admits to being a “serial entrepreneur” and grows bored quickly after the product development is completed.  During the show he even gives tips about different configurations of the Transworld that you might like to try.

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